August 28, 2015

Big Changes for Philanthrogeek

If it seems like things have been quiet on the Philanthrogeek front this year, you’re not imagining things. I’ve been keeping a low profile, quietly working with clients, and developing a big new partnership.  Today I can finally share the news – has been acquired! I’ll be joining CommitChange, an Oakland, California-based team building..

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About This Site

Social giving is on the rise. Crowdfunding, giving circles, open data and social media in philanthropy - the way we give back is changing. If you care about the flow of financial support to social change and creativity, this is a time of opportunity, but also immense uncertainty.

Philanthrogeek will provide a fun and productive space for winning stories and critical questions, trusted news and information, and navigation for leaders making sense and seizing opportunities in the new giving landscape.